Information about the structuring of the data on this site - This is the main site - the oldest data and reports - the next version of data and reports - the latest version of data and reports on woelmuis - mirror of (most of the time faster than and most recent files
There are also some reports on and most pictures are on
I also have some of my data on (connected to the Geni World tree of some 70 milion profiles): my profile on Geni       Waterreus on Geni and some data in Geneanet based on Geni: Geneanet data based on Geni
The data on Geneanet is an summary of some Geni data (based on situation in the first half of 2013) but will give a better family overview then Geni does.

==> This part of the site is in test. I'm currently rewriting the programs I use to genereate the data <==

My latest data (updated more frequently then rest of the sites) here
At the moment I don't have much time to update all my sites, that is why I publish this overview.
The program I use to generate the data for it has some limitations and has no ability to filter on data and relations I still have to research (so be careful using this data!).
It also does not has a Privacy filter, so I removed all dates from 1900 and later.

I'm currently also entering my data on Geni (a site that is trying to make one big world tree).
For my latest Geni updates look: here